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Miriam Green Ellis

Pioneering agricultural journalist Miriam Green Ellis (1879-1964) exulted in wearing what she called “seven league boots” to visit the farms and families of her huge “Western parish.” Alert, intuitive and keenly observant, she always embraced “the adventure of the unexpected.” The resourcefulness and determination she showed in her 1922 river steamer journey to Aklavik, Northwest Territories, have left us with remarkable textual and photographic images of her passage from the metropole to the periphery. This site samples a wide variety of her adventures and friendships.


This exhibit takes a broad approach to food history, looking at cookbooks and beyond to examine food’s development and depth of influence in Canada’s Prairie provinces. It embodies the idea of a “foodscape,” described by Juan E. and Magda Campo as “a way to talk about the culinary culture(s) of a place as defined by the interactions of a variety of factors: geography, climate and environment; religion, language, and cultural practices; history; social organization, ethnicity, status and gender; science and technology” (also quoted in Kenneally and LeBel 7).

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