Steele Collection MS 2008.

CPR Strike Scene, Manuscript A, pages 749, 751 & 752 (circa 1911-1915)

Transcription of Manuscript A

When the Sergeant returned and reported the circumstances of the day I arose the best way I could and dressed and sat on a camp chair awaiting the return of Constable Kerr one of the men who had been in camp all day and had gone to the end of track for a bottle of medicine ordered by Dr. Sweat, shortly after I had arisen Mr. Johnston came in to see how I was and to ask if there was anything he could do, and a few minutes later Sergeant Fury returned stating that Constable Kerr on his way back from ______[illegible place name] saw a desperate character, where he would be permitted to be, named Hugh Behan and inciting the strikers to make an attack on the barracks and attempted to single handed to arrest him, had been out powered and forced to leave the ground. After hearing what he had to say, I said it is a pity that he attempted the arrest without sufficient assistance at hand, but having done so we must take Behan at any cost, it will never do to let him or the rest of the gang think that they can play with us. Take what men you require and arrest him.

Fury went off at once but after a long interval returned with his jacket torn and other evidences of a struggle about him saying as he entered they took the prisoner from us Sir. I said that is too bad take your revolvers and shot anyone who interferes with the arrest. He started off again and Johnston went to the window and watched the party crossing the bridge which connected our barracks from the town and disappeared around some buildings The men were Seg Fury, Constables Craig, Fane and Walters, and in a few minutes we heard a shot and Johnston said there is one gone to hell Steele. I went to the window and seeing Craig and Walters dragging Behan across the bridge the desperado fighting like a fiend _____ _____[two illegible words crossed out] a woman in scarlet following them with wild shrieks and curses. Fury and Fane _____ [illegible word] ready to stand off the crowd. I became possessed with anger when I saw this called to Johnston to get the riot act and reached out, seized the [section is missing] a group anywhere on this trail I will mow you down, so go off and have sense. We remained on the bridge until they had dispersed, and sent the wounded man, who had been shot through the shoulder, to the care of the C.P.R., where Mr. Ross had him kindly treated.

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