Steele Collection MS 2008.

16 May 1913

Letter from the publisher Seeley Service to Sam Steele

Transcription of the second paragraph

We like the last batch of MS. which came to us through her, much better than the earlier. It contains personal incidents, and will therefore appeal more strongly to the reading public. The account of the Red River Expedition would be greatly improved if it could be dealt with in the same manner. Its diary form gives it a sameness which is undesirable. We consulted with Mrs. Niblett and finally arranged with her that it would be well to compress it, which we have done, but there is a certain amount of linking up necessary. This we could not easily carry out so when you are doing that, we would suggest that you should introduce a good deal of personal incident and adventure into this part also. We hope this will be possible. If it is not of course the account must appear without it.


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