Steele Collection MS 2008.

11 February 1914

Letter from Sam Steele to Mollie Glenn Niblett

Transcription of the second paragraph.

Now for the unpleasant part of the business. Messrs. Seeley, Service and Co. have written the enclosed letter. I send a copy, and it is plain that they wish to make trouble and it is important that no step be taken without careful consideration of the position. It seems that they think that they should not be accused of delay, and your letter, a copy of which they sent, seems to have given them a loop-hole, and to me it seems that the only equitable defence I have is that they sent back the whole of the manuscript for me to write over again, and gave me no instructions as to what they really wanted, and when I sent the stuff to them in the first instance I did so at their request, and stated that I was not a writer, and it was necessary for them to “trim it up,” and that what I wrote did not seem to suit them.


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