Steele Collection MS 2008.

13 January 1911

Letter from Steele to Irving

Transcription of a passage from the letter

I am writing a book of reminiscences and would like to know if you can give any pointers about the strike in the mountains. A friend of mine has stated that James Ross turned out with a lot of men and an engine to go to our assistance at the barracks but I have recollection [written across this section of the letter is “This is not correct” in pencil and “not correct” in ink] except that after we had captured Hugh Behan I sent for a locomotive to take him up to Palliser [written next to this passage is “This is correct” in pencil]

Last page is written in pencil most likely by Irving.

I have taken a novel way of answering but I think a safe way--It keeps the matter wel [sic] in hand & condensed.

Steele Collection


“Steele Collection MS 2008.,” Bruce Peel Special Collections Library Online Exhibits, accessed September 25, 2021,