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sundance 004.jpg
The Cree First Nation begins gathering for the Hobbema Sun Dance.

sundance 005.jpg
A number of Cree gather on horseback, all wearing brimmed hats, at Hobbema during the Sun Dance.

sundance type 001.jpg
The first typewritten page of Miriam Green Ellis' account of the last Cree First Nation Sun Dance at Hobbema of the early 20th century.

sundance 006.jpg
A man from the Cree First Nation poses in full Sun Dance regalia at Hobbema. The geometric pattern on his vest, arms and belt is composed entirely of intricate, highly skilled beadwork.

sundance 002.jpg
Tepees belonging to the Cree First Nation, erected at Hobbema for the last Sun Dance of the early 20th Century. Women, children and horses go about their business within the camp.

sundance 003.jpg
A wide view of the Cree First Nation's tepees at Hobbema, arranged around a central space.

sundance 001.jpg
Cree women gather, awaiting the commencement of the last Hobbema Sun Dance of the early 20th century.
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