Credits & Copyright

Launched in May 2021, this digital exhibition was created in 2019-2020, when Shannen Shott—a graduate student at the School of Library and Information Studies and a part-time employee at University of Alberta's Bruce Peel Special Collections—worked with Linda Quirk and Jeff Papineau to recreate one of the Peel library's archived digital exhibitions with updated content and a fresh, new design created by Natasha Nunn.

The archived exhibition was originally created over a four-year period (2008-2012) when Professor Patricia Demers worked with a team of graduate students to curate an exhibition of a selection of the artists' books held in Bruce Peel Special Collections. This work was made possible with the generous support of the SSHRC-sponsored "Women Writing and Reading in Canada from 1950" project and its dedicated research assistants. Launched in 2012, the original exhibition lost much of its functionality a few years later when the software with which it was created was no longer supported, and the exhibition content was archived.

Copyright statement: Special thanks to all of the featured artists who granted permission for the creation and use of images of their works for the Peel library's digital exhibition. The University of Alberta has no rights in the works that are featured in the images in this exhibition. The images in this exhibition were created by the University of Alberta solely for the purpose of this exhibition, and the University of Alberta will permit no reproduction or re-use of the images in this exhibition for any other purposes. Questions about copyright at the University of Alberta can be directed to its Copyright Office.

Team 2019-2020

Programming and Design: Natasha Nunn

Updating Exhibition Format and Content: Linda Quirk, Jeff Papineau, and Shannen Shott

Loading Content and Metadata: Shannen Shott

Editing: Cheryl Cundell and Robert Desmarais

Photography: Jeff Papineau

Copyright Advice: Adrian Sheppard and Amanda Wakaruk

Program Coordinator (Peel Digital Exhibitions): Linda Quirk

Team 2008-2012

Book Descriptions: Lindsay Doll, Clare Mulcahy, and Devorah Kobluk

SLIS Practicum Student: Emily Olsen

Project Coordinator: Silvia Russell

Technical Coordinator: Calen Henry

Editors: Patricia Demers and Linda Distad

Special Assistants: Matt Bouchard, Carol Irwin, and Amy Stafford

Photographer: Karin Fodor

Book Wrangler: Jeff Papineau

Project Supervisor: Robert Desmarais