Millennium in a Box

Several artists' books from the Millennium in a Box project were included in this exhibition. Before the beginning of the new millennium in 2000, the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG) sponsored a project that called on book artists across Canada to produce conceptual interpretations of the future, treating a wide range of suggested themes, including technology, social issues, and personal growth. Thirty-five artists contributed small-format limited-edition artists' books to Millennium in a Box [N 7433.3 M646 2000 folio]. Follow these links to learn more about the books selected from the Millennium in a Box project for this exhibition:

Millennium in a Box: A Portfolio Collection of Work by Book Artists From Across Canada
Millennium in a Box (N 7433.3 M646 2000 folio).

La corde de sang / The Bloodstream Chain by Jocelyne Aird-BĂ©langer

-MM+ by Holly Dean and Larry Thompson

Primary Text by Rebecca Cowan

The Story of the Earth by Martha Cole

Textiles of the Millennium by Robin E. Muller

Time Passes by Mira Coviensky

World Without End by Tara Bryan