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The cover of Miriam Green Ellis' book 'Pathfinders', published by the Canadian Women's Press Club. This volume chronicled the history of the CWPC.

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Miriam Green Ellis, photographed in her office at the end of her career as a journalist. This print has been signed at the lower right.

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A group photo of the Canadian Women's Press Club, taken at the CWPC Golden Jubilee in Toronto, 1954.

Left to right, standing: Kate Aitken; Miriam Green Ellis; Madeleine Levason;

Seated: Joan Duggan; Charlotte Whitton, Her Worship, Mayor of…

MGE with camera.jpg
A portrait of MIriam Green Ellis with her signature Welthur camera. This image accompanied her article "Out West with the Weekly" published October 1951 in the The Slug magazine, on the adventure of agricultural journalism in Western Canada.
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