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MGE with camera.jpg
A portrait of MIriam Green Ellis with her signature Welthur camera. This image accompanied her article "Out West with the Weekly" published October 1951 in the The Slug magazine, on the adventure of agricultural journalism in Western Canada.

A stack of boxes from magic lantern slide plates and photographic dry plates, from the Miriam Green Ellis collection.

Two of Miriam Green Ellis' wooden boxes, used for storing and shipping her magic lantern slides, displayed with boxes of photographic dry plates and magic lantern plates.

An arrangement of items from the Miriam Green Ellis collection, including two of the original storage boxes and mix of photography dry plate and magic lantern plate boxes.

A wooden storage box from the Miriam Green Ellis collection, opened and displayed with its contents. The box is lined with flocking and divided into three compartments. Miriam Green Ellis' scratch notes lay in the lid, while cardboard dividers occupy…
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