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A sailboat on the river near Fort Chipewyan. It moved too quickly for the photographic plate's exposure, creating a contrast between the crisp background and motion blur of the boat.

A First Nations woman tends the cookpot at Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. This image is also represented among Miriam Green Ellis' hand-coloured magic lantern slides.

A group of First Nations, posing with Bishop Emile Grouard before the community of Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. Bishop Grouard spent the first thirteen years of his missionary career, the period from 1862-1875, at Fort Chipewyan.

The steam wheeler "Slave River" waits for the wind to ease near Fort Chipewyan, Alberta.

A First Nations woman tending a camp cookpot at Fort Chipewyan, Alberta. This magic lantern slide has been hand-coloured, and is also available as a photo print in Miriam Green Ellis photo album. The slide shows the delicate shading possible in theā€¦
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