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The steam wheeler 'Slave River', taking on cords of wood for fuel. The vessel is open to show the fuel storage hold.

"Doc" Griffin, a steam wheeler cook, holds two fish caught near the Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. The fish are incorrectly identified as trout in the caption. This image is also represented among Miriam Green Ellis' hand-coloured…

The steam wheeler "Distributor", owned by the Alberta & Arctic Co.

Two men swim in the river alongside the steam wheeler. Swimming was a popular activity amongst steam wheeler passengers.

A portrait of Captain Bucey, at the helm of his steam wheeler, possibly the 'Distributor'.

The Northern Trading Co's steamwheeler "Trader", photographed on the Mackenzie River below Fort Norman (now Norman Wells), Northwest Territories, under the Midnight Sun at 11:30pm. This image is also represented among Miriam Green Ellis'…

A crew of men tow logs behind a rowboat, for use by a steam wheeler.

Captain Myers of the steam wheeler "Slave River", leaning out the cabin window to smoke his pipe.

The steam wheeler "Slave River" waits for the wind to ease near Fort Chipewyan, Alberta.

A steam wheeler travelling the Clearwater River, as seen from the bank.
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