Steele Collection MS 2008. 


Steele Collection MS 2008. 


CPR Strike Scene, Manuscript B, pages 739-740 (circa 1911-1915)


Bruce Peel Special Collections


Transcription of Manuscript B

Fury went off at once but after a long interval returned with his jacket torn and other evidences of a struggle about him, saying as he entered, “they took the prisoner from us, Sir”. I said, “that is too bad, take your revolvers and shoot anyone who interferes with the arrest” He started off again and Johnstone went to the window and matched the party crossing the bridge, which connected our barracks from the town and disappear around some buildings. The men were Sergt. Fury, Constables, Craig, Fane, and Walters, and in a few minutes we heard a shot and Johnstone said, “There is one gone to hell, Steele” I went to the window and seeing Craig and Walters dragging Behan the accused man across the bride, the desperado fighting like a fiend, a woman in scarlet following them with wild shrieks and curses, Fury and Fane in rear ready to stand off the Crowd. I became possessed with anger, when I saw this, called to Johnstone to get the Riot Act, rushed out, seized the Winchester Rifle from the men on guard at the Gaol, ran to the bridge and as the crowd was on the point of crossing it on to it, called to them to keep off, that I would fire on the first who put his foot on it. Behand was struggling desperately with the men who had him but [‘but’ is handwritten] half way across Walters raising [illegible word crossed out and replaced with ‘raising’] his huge fist struck him in the temple and traile d him by the collar as insensible as a rag. As the woman, passed, I said “In with her too” and went forward to the crowd. Johnstone by this time joined me with the Riot Act, which he had to get by kicking open the Orderly Room door, and we stood together in front of the Strikers who were muttering curses all the while. Johnstone opened the book and I said “Listen to this, and keep your hands off your ‘guns’ or I will shoot the first man of you that makes a hostile movement After the riot act was read, I said , “You have taken advantage of the fact that the Force in [illegible word crossed out] in North West is busy, but as desperate diseases require desperate remedies and both the disease and the remedy are here, if I find more than twelve of you in a group anywhere on this line I shall mow you down, now disperse at once.” We remained on the bridge until they had dispersed, and sent the wounded man who had been shot through the shoulder to the care of the C.P.R. where Mr. Ross had him kindly treated.

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