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Murder of an NWMP office scene, Manuscript C, pages 281-282. Manuscript C is typed and has no handwritten emendations, though there are what look like eraser marks throughout the draft.

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Murder of an NWMP office. Manuscript B, 548-550

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Murder of a NWMP officer scene, Manuscript A, 557-559

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Letter from David Paterson to Sam Steele (20 November 1912)

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Letter from David Paterson to Steele (18 November 1912)

CPR Strike Scene, Manuscript C, page 362 (circa 1911-1915)

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CPR Strike Scene, Manuscript B, pages 739-740 (circa 1911-1915)

CPR Strike Scene, Manuscript A, pages 749, 751 & 752 (circa 1911-1915)

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The first typewritten page of Miriam Green Ellis' account of the last Cree First Nation Sun Dance at Hobbema of the early 20th century.

A typewritten manuscript page from Miriam Green Ellis' short story "A War Bride's Return", showing her revisions.

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