The Prologue: A Diabolical Cosmology (fols. 10r-17r)


The Alberta manuscript, fol. 10r
(showing fragment of fol. 9r)

As a result of the tragic excision of an illustration on fol. 9r, the Alberta manuscript is missing the first part of Tinctor’s prologue; the remainder appears between fols. 10r (for recto, meaning the top side of the leaf, which rests on the right side when the book is open) and 17r. To view the remaining section, access the digital manuscript, begin at the first part of the table of contents, and click three times on the right hand page. This brings you to fol. 10r.

The prologue of the Invectives sets the stage for a study of demonology by recounting a story of creation explaining how evil came to plague the universe. Appealing to scripture and to Church fathers such as Augustine and Tertullian, Tinctor examines the pride of the fallen angels (fols. 12r-13r), argues that these demons are responsible for our sins (fols. 14r-14v, for verso, meaning the bottom side of the leaf, which rests on the left side when the book is open), and considers how the devil tempted Adam himself (fol. 14v).

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