About this Exhibition

First Over Everest
A researcher looking at First Over Everest

The Photographies exhibition is an "Open Educational Resource," meaning that the exhibition content and most of the images are in the public domain so they can be freely used or shared with others. For the items that are not in the public domain, special thanks to Lise Melhorn-Boe and Iain Baxter&, who granted us permission to create and use images of their works for this digital exhibition, and to the Adirondack Experience: The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, for granting us permission to create and use images of Eliot Porter's book Forever Wild

This project was partially funded by a University of Alberta OER (Open Educational Resources) Award, offered through the Provost's office and University of Alberta Library and awarded through the Centre for Teaching and Learning, to "support faculty in the use of open educational resources (OER) in their course delivery." Award adjudicators applauded Professor Korda's application because "the potential use beyond UA is strong," the project "'unlocks' a part of the Peel collection for wide use and study," and it "seems the resource would really aid in student learning." Special thanks to Krysta McNutt (Open Education Lead, Centre for Teaching and Learning) for her support. Additional funds were provided by the University of Alberta's EFF-SAS Research Fund (Endowment Fund for the Future: Support for the Advancement of Scholarship), awarded through the Augustana Faculty.

About the Curators

Andrea Korda is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Alberta, Augustana Faculty.

Heather Caverhill is a PhD candidate in the Department of Art History, Visual Art & Theory at the University of British Columbia.

Jeff Papineau, Library Assistant at Bruce Peel Special Collections, played a key role in identifying and selecting the photographs for the exhibition.


Digitization and Image Processing: Jeff Papineau

Programming and Design: Natasha Nunn

Loading Content and Metadata: Shannen Shott

Research Assistants: Brandi Goddard and Hugo Plazas 

Copyright Advice: Amanda Wakaruk

Proofreading: Robert Desmarais, Linda Quirk, and Carolyn Morgan

Program Coordinator (Peel Digital Exhibitions): Linda Quirk