Thanks to all contributors!

An image of Deepa Metha

Renowned filmaker Deepa Mehta recieved an Honorary Degree from University of Alberta in 2013. Image courtesy of U of A photographer Richard Siemens.

Thanks are due to Derek Roy-Brenneis and the team in the U of A Senate office for all kinds of assistance over many years. For a list of all Honorary Degree recipients since 1908, link to the Senate website here.

Thanks to the University of Alberta Archives for images of Honorary Degree recipients Prince Charles (1983) and Mother Teresa (1982), and for reproductions of signatures from the official Honorary Degree Roll Book.

Thanks to University of Alberta photographer Richard Siemens for providing images of Honorary Degree recipients Clara Hughes (2014), George Elliott Clarke (2005), MichaĆ«lle Jean (2008), and Deepa Mehta (2013). View many more images of recent Honorary Degree recipients in an online portfolio here.

The work of organizing this exhibition began when Carlene Slobodian worked with Linda Quirk and Alicia Odeen during her practicum in Bruce Peel Special Collections as part of her program at the University of Alberta's School of Library and Information Studies.


Special thanks to:

Curators:  Robert Desmarais, Linda Quirk, Jeannine Green, John Charles
Exhibition Development: Carlene Slobodian, Jesse Carson, Michaela Stang,
                                           Shannen Shott, Samantha Sheplawy, Alicia Odeen
Editor:  Cheryl Cundell
French-language Editing:  Denis Lacroix
Programming and Design:  Natasha Nunn
Photography and Scanning:  Jeff Papineau
Metadata: Jesse Carson, Michaela Stang
Program Coordinator (Peel Digital Exhibitions): Linda Quirk