Honorary Degree Books 1987-99


John Kim Bell

Kochno, Boris. Le ballet. [Paris]: Hachette, 1954. 

Boris Kochno was personal secretary to Serge Diaghilev, the great Russian ballet master, and in this book he traces the history of the French ballet from fifteenth-century court masquerades to modern ballets. With over 400 illustrations reproduced in photogravure, an original lithograph by Picasso, and a Matisse design on its cover, this is a very special volume. [GV 1649 K62 1954]

Harold Cardinal 

Iapi Oaye: The Word Carrier. Greenwood, [SD]: Dakota Mission, 1874-1887. 

This monthly newsletter was published by and for the Dakota peoples. Printed in both Lakota and English, it promoted literacy and offered news relating to the activities and concerns of Dakota peoples during a period of change, including reports from Congress. Each issue features a richly-detailed engraving on its front cover. A very rare addition to the Peel library’s extensive collection of primary materials relating to the Indigenous peoples of North American. [E 99 D1 I27 folio]

Laurence George Decore

Collins, A. Frederick. Experimental Television: A Series of Simple Experiments with Television Apparatus. Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co, 1932.

A scarce book that explores emerging television technologies and includes more than one hundred diagrams to show readers how to create at-home experiments for scanning disks, photo-electric cells, and cathode rays. It offers a fascinating glimpse into the ways that these new and luxurious technologies were made accessible to “the amateur experimenter.” [TK 6630 C6 1932]

Millard Dean Fuller

Trimmer, Sarah. The Oeconomy of Charity, or, An Address to Ladies. London: J. Johnson, 1801. 2 vols. 

The Peel library already has the first edition of this important handbook for educating poor children, but this is the considerably expanded second edition. Sarah Trimmer was a forward-thinking feminist writer who advocated for education and social change. This handbook provides information about setting up soup kitchens, discusses problems associated with child labour, and considers a range of children’s health issues. [LC 5056 G7 T83 1801 v.1-2]

Dr James Grierson MacGregor, Jr

Jouvancourt, Hugues de. Maurice Cullen. Translated by Nancy Côté. Montreal: Editions La Frégate, 1978.

Influenced by both academic painting and Impressionism in France, Maurice Cullen was an influential landscape painter. His earliest important works were exhibited in Montreal in 1897. A true interpreter of Montreal’s cityscape, particularly of dusk and night scenes, which invariably shimmer with light. This is a lavishly-illustrated limited edition of a hard-to-find volume, and is considered to be the most important study of Cullen. [ND 249 C96 J86 1978]

Gerald James Maier 

Kerr, John. Curling in Canada and the United States: A Record of the Tour of the Scottish Team, 1902-3, and of the Game in the Dominion and the Republic. Edinburgh: Geo. A. Morton, 1904. 

A splendid, highly detailed account of the North American tour of the Scottish Team in 1902-1903, an event described as “unique in the annals of curling.” The large volume is lavishly illustrated, and the team’s visits to Toronto, Montreal, and Winnipeg, with the history of many curling clubs, are colourfully set forth. A rare and delightful addition to the library’s holdings documenting Canadian sport. [GV 845 K38 1904]

James Fraser Mustard

Richardson, John. Wacousta, or, The Prophecy: A Tale of Detroit and Michillimackinac. Philadelphia: A. Waldie, 1833. 

This unglamorous volume is actually one of the great rarities of Canadian literature. First published in London in 1832, this is the first edition published in America. Following in the tradition of historical romances by Scott and Cooper, the novel is an imaginary treatment of intrigues and violence between British soldiers and the forces led by Pontiac at Fort Detroit in 1763. [PS 8435 I16 W1 1833]

Kenneth Clifford Welsh 

Cibber, Colley. Edited by Robert W. Lowe. An Apology for the Life of Mr. Colley Cibber, written by himself. London: J.C. Nimmo, 1889. 2 vols. 

Colley Cibber (1671-1757) was a well-known actor on the London stage and a theatre manager. His important autobiography, first published in 1740, is sometimes inaccurate. This special limited and corrected edition is lavishly illustrated with portraits of Cibber’s fellow actors and playwrights. A fine addition to the Peel library’s collection on theatre history, which also contains the first edition of Cibber’s work. [PR 3347 Z6 1889]

Harriet Snowball Winspear (two items)

Compan, Charles. Dictionnaire de danse: Contenant l'histoire, les règles & les principes de cet art. Paris: Chez Cailleau, 1787. 

This is the rare first edition of the first dictionary of dance, setting forth a common language by which to teach, study, and appreciate the art form. Dedicated to Mademoiselle G****, this volume includes sections on dances from China, Egypt, and Canada, and delves into complex concepts of movement, technique and style. [GV 1585 C73 1787]

Castil-Blaze, M. Dictionnaire de musique moderne. Bruxelles: L'Académie de Musique, 1828. 

This is an early edition of a very uncommon, thorough, and significant dictionary of musical terms and concepts, one that reflects many aspects—“modern” at the time—of the Romantic movement in music. [ML 100 B41 1828]


John T. Ferguson

Engler, Bruno. A Mountain Life: Stories and Photographs of Bruno Engler. Canmore: Alpine Club of Canada, 1996.

A lively recounting of Bruno Engler's colourful tales from his life as a famous guide, mountaineer, and photographer in the Rocky Mountains, published to celebrate his 80th birthday. One of a limited edition of 36 copies, this special volume is lavishly illustrated by Engler's superb photographs, including three originals that he hand printed himself. Bound in full goatskin by Courtland Benson. [GV 199.92 E58 A3 1996]

Dr Robert Hall Haynes

Carrera, John, and Sam Walker. Putreffati. Boston: Quercus Press, 1995.

A limited edition artist's book (No. 11 of 25) created for the "Science and the Artist's Book" exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution in 1995. It is based on a landmark seventeenth-century Italian book by Francesco Redi who disproved, through various experiments, the popular belief that life could be spontaneously generated by rotting meat: turning the pages, the text is gradually encompassed by disintegration and burrowing insects. [N 7433.4 C37 A6 P88 1995]

Dr Maxwell Leo Howell

Guts Muths, Johann Christoph Friederich, and C.G. Salzmann. Gymnastics for Youth: Or a Practical Guide to Healthful and Amusing Exercises: For the Use of Schools: An Essay toward the Necessary Improvement of Education, Chiefly as It Related to the Body. Philadelphia: William Duane, 1802.

Thought to be the earliest manual on sport printed in North America, this is a little-known work of significant importance, containing detailed chapters on the value and utility of gymnastics and exercise. Its charming copper-engraved illustrations depict boys jumping, pole-vaulting, wrestling, swimming, and trundling a hoop. A significant addition to the library's historical materials relating to physical education. [GV 341 G99 E5 1802]

Dr Joseph B. Martin

Thoner, Augustin. Observationum Medicinalium. Ulmæ: Sumptibus Johannis Gerlini Bibliopolae, 1649.

Published in 1649, this is a first edition of a landmark book of neurology, penned by the director of the medical college at Ulm. It contains hundreds of case histories treating a range of conditions from headaches to melancholy to epilepsy. The first edition sold well and a second soon followed. [R 127 A2 T486 1649]

Raymond J. Nelson

Johnson, E. Pauline. Shadow River: The Selected and Illustrated Poems of Pauline Johnson. New Westminster, BC: Pie Tree Press, 1997.

A limited edition (No. 21 of 40) handmade book by one of Canada’s great book designers, illustrated and hand printed on handmade paper by Jim Rimmer and his typography students at University College of the Fraser Valley. This special book celebrates the life and work of E. Pauline Johnson (1861-1913), one of Canada’s earliest and most influential Indigenous writers. [PS 8469 O38 S52 1997 folio]

Claude Ryan

Bosworth, Newton, ed. Hochelaga Depicta: Or, a New Picture of Montreal, Embracing the Early History and Present State of the City and Island of Montreal. Montreal: W.S. Mackay, 1846.

An enlarged edition of an important nineteenth-century illustrated history of Montreal containing some of the few remaining original sources relating to the city’s early architecture: 20 engraved plates, 11 wood engravings, a large folding plan of the city, and drawings by James Duncan, one of Canada's first historic artists and draughtsmen. A welcome addition to the library's collection of rare illustrated Canadiana. [FC 2947.4 B74 1846]

Professor Roger Woodward

Liszt, Franz. XIX. Magyar Rapszódia: Zongorára. 1885. Budapest: Editio Musica, ca. 1985.

An exquisite full-colour facsimile edition of Liszt's original manuscript of his final, spectacularly difficult, piano rhapsody, completed the year before his death. This celebratory limited edition includes a special binding with an embossed bronze cameo of the composer on the front cover.  [ML 96.5 L77 1985 folio]


Dr Per-Ingvar Brånemark

Twiss, Richard. A Trip to Paris, in July and August, 1792. London: Minerva Press, 1793.

Richard Twiss was an important travel writer, and his eye-witness account of the bloody French Revolution is particularly vivid and graphic, reflecting the “barbarity and callousness” of the time. This is the author’s own copy and contains his extensive notes. A unique volume. [DC 194 T974 1793 c.2]

Charles Chan

Siren, Osvald. The Walls and Gates of Peking: Researches and Impressions; Illustrated with 109 Photogravures after Photographs by the Author and Fifty Architectural Drawings Made by Chinese Artists. London: John Lane at the Bodley Head, 1924.

A landmark study of the historical gates of Peking, with a stunning array of visual material including architectural drawings by Chinese artists. Siren was a Swedish art historian who wrote several authoritative volumes on Chinese art. No. 54 of 800 copies. [DS 795 S62 1924 folio]

Georges Henry Erasmus

Wolf, Arne. They Say! Berkeley, CA: A. Wolf, 1993.

This artist’s book takes its text from the creation story recorded in 1912 by Pliny Earle Gaddard from the Cahto (or Kato) people. A thought-provoking piece that asks us to contemplate the worlds contained within Indigenous creation stories that continue to be told today. No. 7 of 30 signed copies. [N 7433.4 W853 A6 T84 1993]

Professor William H. Hurlburt

Department of Immigration and Colonization. Land Settlement: Across Canada with Lord Lovat; Inspection of Farms of New Citizens Brought to Canada under the British Family Settlement Scheme. Ottawa: Land Settlement Branch, Dept. of Immigration and Colonization, 1928.

A textual and visual history of Canadian settlers, including family histories and photographs of first homesteads. This government publication offers significant historical detail, including reproductions of hand-drawn maps by Simon Joseph Fraser, 14th Lord Lovat. [FC 570 L253 1928 folio]

Dr Robert Kroetsch

Ross, William Wrightson Eustace. Laconics. Ottawa: Overbrook Press, 1930.

This exceedingly rare little volume is the first book of modernist poetry in Canadian literature. Though he published in some prestigious American periodicals in the 1920s and 1930s, W.W.E. Ross was largely unknown during his lifetime and was rediscovered by scholars decades later. [PS 8535 O84 L36 1930]

The Honourable Tatsuo Ozawa

Brinkley, Frank, ed. Japan. Boston: J. B. Millet, 1898.

A classic study of Japanese life, culture, and art with hand-tinted photographs, including a reproduction of a tenth-century painting of the Kose School. Bound in a traditional style–flower-patterned silk over boards–this is no. 12 of a limited edition of 25 copies. [DS 809 B85 folio v.1-10]

Andrew George Alexander Russell

Harmon, Jacob Crismon. Crazy - the Kid, or, the Cowboy Scout. Sioux City, IA: n.p., 1921.

This modest pamphlet is exceedingly rare. Jacob Harmon’s colourful and vivid tales are inspired by his own experiences after he ran away from home and spent his teen years (the 1860s) living as a cowboy. [F 596 H37 1921]

Dr Manmohan Singh

Hoffmeister, Werner. Travels in Ceylon and Continental India: Including Nepal and Other Parts of the Himalayas to the Borders of Thibet with Some Notices of the Overland Route. Edinburgh: William P. Kennedy, 1848.

A volume of Werner Hoffmeister’s writings, compiled after he died during the expedition. Hoffmeister pressed over 100 new plant species, preserving them to accompany his written observations, making a significant contribution to the scientific record in Europe. [DS 413 H699 1848 E5]

Dr Christopher R. Somerville

Sherman, Thomas. The Second Part of the Pilgrims Progress: From This Present World of Wickedness and Misery, to an Eternity of Holiness and Felicity; Exactly Described under the Similitude of a Dream. London: Malthus, 1683.

This very rare volume is an interesting addition to the Peel library’s important collection of John Bunyan’s Works. Following the extraordinary success of numerous editions of Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress, Thomas Sherman penned a “second part” ostensibly to “correct the frivolous tone” of Bunyan’s original. [PR 3687 S15 S54 1683]

Dr Mamoru Watanabe

Levillier, Roberto. Americo Vespucio. Madrid: Ediciones Cultura Hispanica, 1966.

The first and only edition of a major study of the life and work of Americo (or Amerigo) Vespucio, the influential fifteenth-century merchant and explorer after whom America seems to have been named. The volume is a valuable addition to the library, and includes many illustrations and maps. [E 125 V5 L68 1966]

Margaret Zeidler

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Aurora Leigh. London: Chapman and Hall, 1857.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning is best known for Sonnets from the Portuguese, but Aurora Leigh is in many ways a more important book. An enormously popular epic poem/novel, one that contributed significantly to debates about gender and power in the Victorian period. This is the uncommon first edition. [PR 4185 A1 1857]


Margaret C. Cammaert

Muter, Elizabeth McMulline. Travels and Adventures of an Officer's Wife in India, China, and New Zealand. London: Hurst and Blackett, 1864.

This first edition of Elizabeth Muter’s travel book offers a fascinating look into women’s lives, both everyday events and under extraordinary circumstances, in the British colonial period. Travel writing was a popular genre for women writers in this period and their work offers a critical source of historical information. [DS 413 M88 A38 1864 v.1-2]

Eric Ericson

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix. Paulus: Opus 36; Oratorium nach Worten der heiligen Schrift. Bonn: N. Simrock, [1837].

German composer Felix Mendelssohn was just 27 years old when his oratorio Paulus–treating the life and work of the apostle Paul–debuted in Düsseldorf to great acclaim. His father, who died before it was completed, said that it "united old customs with modern means." This is the uncommon first edition. [M 2000 M53 P33 1837 folio]

Eldon D. Foote

Humbert, Aimé. Japan and the Japanese, Illustrated. Trans. Cashel Hoey and H.W. Bates. London: Richard Bentley, 1874.

This is the first English edition of a richly-illustrated study of Japanese culture, including domestic life, religion, politics, education, theatre, etc., written by a Swiss diplomat during his two years (1863-1864) serving in Japan. [DS 809 H919 1874 folio]

Richard F. Haskayne

Evers, Larry, and Felipe S. Molina. Wo’i Bwikam: Coyote Songs from the Yaqui Bow Leaders’ Society. Illus. Cynthia Miller. Tucson: Chax Press, 1990.

No. 21 of a limited edition of 100 copies, this stunning artist’s book offers fresh translations of centuries-old Coyote songs gathered from Yaqui Elders accompanied by scholarly notes. It is a valuable addition to the Indigenous language materials housed in the Peel library. [PM 4526 Z77 W6 1990 folio]

Paul Janssen

Daudet, Alphonse. Lettres de mon moulin. Monte Carlo: Éditions "Le Parnasse," 1965.

Alphonse Daudet’s Lettres de mon moulin (or “Letters from My Windmill”) is a collection of short stories that was first published in 1869. This special limited edition (No. 39 of 188) features 53 original watercolours by Hubert Clerissi reproduced in full colour, and the unbound pages are encased in a special handmade box. [PQ 2216 L5 1965 folio]

The Honorable H.A. "Bud" Olson

Tolfrey, Frederic. The Sportsman in Canada. London: T.C. Newby, 1845.

In this delightfully-illustrated narrative, the author describes his travels and adventures during a trip to Upper and Lower Canada in 1815. Hoping to entice European settlers to “this land of lake and mountain,” the author highlights the appeal of being a “sportsman” in Canada. [FC 72 T649 1845 v.1-2 c.1]

Michael Smith

Jay, Ricky. The Magic Magic Book: An Inquiry into the Venerable History and Operation of the Oldest Trick Conjuring Books, Designated "Blow Books" [For Whomsoever Bloweth on the Pages, If He Be Versed in the Secret Method, May Cause the Images to Appear, Vanish and Change at Will Several Times] Adorned with Original Renderings from the Ateliers of These Esteemed Delineators of Artistic Impression: Vija Celmins ... Embellished with Ancient Iconography from the Collection of the Author of This Curious Compendium. New York: Library Fellows of the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1994.

This delightful publication is both a compendium and a trick. The first volume is a historical overview of books of magic, or “conjuring” books, enriched with illustrations and historical anecdotes. The second volume is an illusion of its own, complete with instructions on how to employ the “magic” it holds within. [GV 1547 J42 1994]

Paul M. Tellier

Carmichael-Smyth, Robert. The Employment of the People and the Capital of Great Britain in Her Own Colonies: At the Same Time Assisting Emigration and Penal Arrangements by Undertaking a Great National Work ... All This Fully Explained in a Letter from Major Robert Carmichael-Smyth to His Friend the Author of "The Clockmaker": Containing Thoughts on the Subject of a British Colonial Railway Communication between the Atlantic and the Pacific. London: W.P. Metchim, 1849.

This small volume gives us educated musings on the nature of transport within the British Empire in 1849. Contained within the volume is a beautifully detailed, America-centric world map with sea routes between major harbour cities within the British Empire. [FC 508 R3 C287 1849 c.2]

An image of convocation ceremonies in 1983

Convocation Ceremonies in 1983. Image courtesy of

University of Alberta Archives.


Olive Patricia Dickason

  Laon, Jean de. Relation du voyage des François fait au Cap de Nord en Amérique. Paris:

  Pierre David, au Palais, 1654. [F 2450 L36 1654]

Clare James Drake

  Bull, William Perkins. From Rattlesnake Hunt to Hockey: The History of Sports in Canada

  and of the Sportsmen of Peel 1798 to 1934. Toronto: The Perkins Bull Foundation; G. J.

  McLeod, 1934. [GV 55 B93]

Peter Jacyk

  Berynda, Pamva. Leksykon Slavenorosskiĭ. Kuteĭno: Tip. Obshchezhitel'nogo monostyri͡a,

  1653. [PG 693 B47 1653] 

Gary <William Wilcox> McPherson

  United States Census Office. Report on Indians Taxed and Indians Not Taxed in the United

  States (Except Alaska) at the Eleventh Census, 1890. Washington: Government Printing

  Office, 1894. [E 98 T24 U55 1894]

Tattanahall Lakshminarayani Nagabhushan

  Cummins, Maureen. The Garden: A Visual Meditation on Man and Nature. New York: Inanna

  Press, 1993. [N 7433.4 C97 A6 G218 1993] 

Glenda Patricia Simms

  Piozzi, Hester Lynch. Retrospection: Or, a Review of the Most Striking and Important Events,

  Characters, Situations, and Their Consequences, Which the Last Eighteen Hundred Years

  Have Presented to the View of Mankind. Vol 1-2. London: John Stockdale, 1801.

  [D 18 P569 1801 vol 1-2]

Jake Superstein

  Ozick, Cynthia. Epodes: First Poems. Prints by Sidney Chafetz. Athens, OH: Logan Elm

  P at Ohio State U, c1992. [PS 3565 Z64 E66 1992]

William Arnold Thorsell

  Blake, William. An Island in the Moon: A Facsimile of the Manuscript. Cambridge and New

  York: Cambridge UP with Institute of Traditional Science, c1987. [PR 4144 I7 1987]


Doris Badir

  Sedgwick, Catharine Maria. The Linwoods, or, “Sixty Years Since” in America. New York:

  Harper, 1835. [PS 2798 L56 1835 v.1-2]

Paul Davenport

  Snow, Kathleen M. Maxwell Bates: Biography of an Artist. Calgary: U of Calgary P, 1993.

  [ND 249 B29 S66 1993]

<James> Frank Elliott

  Dove, Toni. Mesmer: Secrets of the Human Frame. New York: Granary Books, 1993.

  [N 7433.4 D68 A6 M47 1993]

Dasha Sosia Goody

  Curll, Edmund. Faithful Memoirs of the Life, Amours and Performances, of That Justly

  Celebrated, and Most Eminent Actress of Her Time, Mrs. Anne Oldfield; Interspersed with

  Several Other Dramatical Memoirs by William Egerton. London, 1731.

  [PN 2598 O44 C97 1731]

Dr Leslie Claude Green

  Plato. The Symposium of Plato. Trans. Tom Griffith. Engraved by Peter Foster. Marlborough,

  Wiltshire, England: Libanus Press, 1986. [B 385 A5 G68 1986]

His Excellency The Right Honourable Ramon John Hnatyshyn

  Reuilly, Jean, Baron de. Voyage en Crimée et sur les bords de la Mer Noire, pendant l'année

  1803; suivi d'un mémoire sur le commerce de cette mer, et de notes sur les principaux ports

  commerçans. Paris: Bossange, Masson et Besson, 1806. [DK 511 C7 R45 1806]

Roger Alexandre Hurtubise

  Canto, Francisco de. Arte, y Vocabulario en la lengua general del Perumallada Quichua, y en

  la lengua Españols. Los Reyes: Francisco del Canto, 1614. [PM 6306 C368 1614]

David <George Alexander> McLean (two items)

  Hudson's Bay Company. Private Instructions for the Company's Agents. London: Hudson's

  Bay Company, 1858. [FC 3213.9 W3 H886 1858 folio]

  Strathcona and Mount Royal, Donald Alexander Smith, Baron. Correspondence Relating to

  Disturbances at Red River, 1869-70. London: Printers: Sir Joseph Causton and Sons, 1875.

  [FC 3214 C824 1875 folio]

Stanley Albert Milner (5 items)

  National Parks Branch, Canada. The Banff Windermere Highway. Ottawa: F.A. Ackland,

  1924. [FC 3664 B2 C21 1923a]

  Chateau Lake Louise. What to Do at Lake Louise in the Canadian Pacific Rockies. Lake

  Louise: Chateau Lake Louise, 1928. [FC 3664 B2 W55 1928]

  Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Resorts in the Rockies. C.P.R., 1931.

  [FC 219 C216 1931] 

  Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper National Park, Alberta in the Heart of the Canadian Rockies.

  Jasper: C.N.R., 1931? [FC 3664 J3 J343 1931]

  Jasper Trails. Ottawa: Canada Department of the Interior, 1930. [FC 3664 J3 C225 1930]


Violet Archer

  Huggins, Margaret L. Gio. Paolo Maggini., His Life and Work. London: W.E. Hill, 1892.

  [ML 424 M23 H89 1892]

Helen Forrester

  Wakeman, Geoffrey. Victorian Colour Printing. [Loughborough]: Plough Press, 1981.

  [Z 151 W15 1981 folio]

Ray Fortune

  Salguero, Pedro. Vida del Venerable Padre. Roma: En la Imprenta de los Herederos de

  Barbielini, 1761. [BX 4705 B252 S24 1761]

Edgar T. Jones

  Berg, Stephen. Sea Ice: Versions of Eskimo Songs. Omaha: Cummington Press, 1988.

  [PS 3552 E66 S4 1988]

Walter Kaasa

  Fenton, Frank, ed. Pioneer Western Playbills. San Francisco, 1951. [PN 2273 W4 B72]

Yukio Kobayashi

  Jones, Douglas G. A Thousand Hooded Eyes: Poems. Vancouver: Editions Lucie Lambert,

  1990. [N 7433.4 J66 A6 T56 1990]

Hiroshi Kurimoto

  Allix, Susan J. A Flora: Words About Flowers. London: S. Allix, c1992.

  [N 7433.4 A45 F56 1992 folio]

Levko Lukianenko

  Pravda 1867-[1896]. Lʹviv, 1878. [PG 3900 P918 r.11:t1-2 1878]

The Right Honorable Donald F. Mazankowski

  Warriner, Francis. Cruise of the United States Frigate Potomac round the World, During the

  Years 1831-34, Embracing the Attack on Quallah Battoo, with Notices of Scenes, Manners,

  etc., in Different Parts of Asia, South America, and the Islands of the Pacific. New York:

  Leavitt, Lord & Co.; Boston: Crocker & Brewster, 1835. [DS 646.1 W295 1835]

James R. Shaw

  Ingraham, J.H. Lafitte, the Pirate of the Gulf. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1836.

  [PS 2048 I52 L34 1836]

An image of Michaelle Jean

Michaëlle Jean received an Honorary Degree from University of Alberta in 2008.  Image courtesy of U of A photographer Richard Siemens.


Ted Tetsuo Aoki

  Wittgenstein, Ludwig. On Certainty. San Francisco:

  Arion Press, 1991.

  [B 3376 W833 U14 1991 folio]

David Edward Barmes

  Vallisnieri, Antonio. Lezione Accademia Intorno all’

  origine delle Fontane. In Venezia:

  Appresso Gio. Gabbriello Ertz, 1715.

  [GB 1198 V189 1715]

Hélène Cixous

  White, Patrick E. Eurydice Unbound. Relief prints

  by John Talleur. Lawrence, Kansas:

  Holiseventh Press, [1988].

  [N 7433.4 W587 A6 E89 1988 folio]

Naomi Louisa Hersom

  Mansfield, Katherine. Prelude. Richmond:

  Hogarth Press, 1918. [PR 6025 A61 A75 1918]

Marjorie Hodgeson

  Liggins, Kerry D., and Michael A. Owen, eds. Hotamé-Taneo’o: Art of the Dog Soldiers.

  Victoria: Howard B. Roloff and Northland Explorations Inc., c1987.

  [E 98 A65 H84 1987 folio]

Oleksandr Honchar

  Bible. Gospels. Church Slavic. Kiev: Veliko, 1697. [BS 2554 C45 1697 folio]

The Rev. K. Glen Johnson

  Freneau, Philip Morin. Poems Written Between the Years 1768 and 1794. Monthmouth, NJ:

  Freneau, 1795. [PS 755 A1 1795]

Ronald Earl Jordan

  Rogerson, Ian. Agnes Miller Parker, Wood-engraver and Book Illustrator, 1895-1980.

  Wakefield, West Yorkshire: Fleece Press, 1990. [NE 1147.6 P32 R75 1990]

Mary Lobay

  Green, Sarah. Mental Improvement for a Young Lady on Her Entrance into the World:

  Addressed to a Favourite Niece. London: Minerva Press, 1793. [BJ 1681 G798 1793]

Hugh John Sanders Pearson

  Bontier, Pierre. Histoire de la première descouverte et conqueste des Canaries: Faite dés

  l'an 1402 par Messire Jean de Béthencourt, chambellan du Roy Charles VI. Paris: Michel

  Soly, Ruë Sainct Iacques, Au Phoënix, 1630. [DP 302 C41 B7 1630] 

Madame Justice Ellen Irene Picard

  Paredes, Ignacio de. Promptuario Manual Mexicano: Que à la Verdad ser Utilissimo à los

  Parrochos para le Enseñanza, à los Necessitados Indios para su Instruccion, y à los que a

  Prenden la Lengua para Expedicion. En Mexico: En La Imprenta De La Bibliotheca Mexicana,

  1759. [BX 1750 P965 1759]

The Honorable Mr Justice William Alexander Stevenson

  Bird, Robert Montgomery. Nick of the Woods, or, the Jibbenainosay: A Tale of Kentucky.

  Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1837. [PS 1099 B5 N6 1837]

The Honorable Thomas Gordon Towers

  Ferrero, Edward. The Art of Dancing, Historically Illustrated. To Which is Added a Few Hints

  on Etiquette; Also, the Figures, Music, and Necessary Instruction for the Performance of the

  Most Modern and Approved Dances. New York: Dick & Fitzgerald, 1859. [GV 1751 F386 1859]


Frances Elizabeth Allen

  Riggs, S.R., ed. Grammar and Dictionary of the Dakota Language. Washington: Smithsonian

  Institution, 1852. [PM 1022 R569 1852 folio]

The Honorable Marjorie Montgomery Bowker

  Smith, Charlotte. Rural Walks, in Dialogues: Intended for the Use of Young Persons. London:

  T. Cadell and W. Davis, 1795. [PR 3688 S4 R948 1795 v.1-2] 

Margaret Ruth Pringle Carse

  Levinson, Andre. La danse d’aujourd’hui: Études, notes, portraits. [Paris: Duchartre et Van

  Buggenhoudt, 1929]. [GV 1781 L66 1929]

Dr Eliot Corday

  D’Azevedo, Warren L. Straight with the Medicine: Narratives of Washoe Followers of the Tipi

  Way. Reno: U of Nevada Library, 1978. [E 99 W38 S896 1978 folio]

Walter E. Harris

  Corniani degli Algarotti, Marco Antonio. La Metallurgia: Poems in Canti Dieci. Venezia: Nella

  Tipografia Picotti, 1816. [PQ 4688 C79 M587 1816]

Peggy Holmes

  Jones, Owen. The Victoria Psalter. Illus. Owen Jones. [London: Day, 1862?].

  [ND 3357 J7 1862 folio]

Alexander M. Iakovlev

  Siestrzencewicz-Bohusz, Stanislaw. Recherches historiques sur l’origine des Sarmates, des

  Esclavons et des Slaves: Et sur les époques de la conversion de ces peuples au

  christianisme. St. Petersbourg: Impr. de Pluchart, 1812. [DJK 27 S582 1812 t.1-2 and t.3-4]

Raymond Urgel Lemieux

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Bruce B. Peel (4 items of Prairie Ephemera)

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  Directory Containing Correct Value Listings of Saskatoon Real Estate. Saskatoon:

  Aldrich-Smith Co., [1912]. [HD 320 S3 D598]

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Walter H. Worth

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Sandy Auld Mactaggart

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  rebus in Europa et Aliis Quibusdam Orbis Terrarum Illustrioribus Regnis, Eodem Carolo V

  Impertore gestis libri VIII ... / Matthæo Delio Hamburgense interprete; accessit rerum

  memorabilium, Ferdinando Patre & Maximiliano Filio, Imperatoribus, ad hanc usq[ue]

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  [13th August 1859]. London: Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswoode,

  1859. [KF 8210 C6 G786 1859 folio]

An image of George Elliott Clarke

George Elliott Clarke received an Honorary Degree from University of Alberta in 2005.  Image courtesy of U of A photographer Richard Siemens.


Tara Ali Baig

  Luckidad's Garland, or, When My Old Hat Was New.

  No.1 in a volume with binder’s title  

  “Scotch Chap Books.” [18--] [PR 974 S337]

June Callwood

  Editor of the Letters of Maria. The Lake of

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Jennifer Dickson

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Xinbai Huang

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Mervyn James Huston

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The Honorable Mr Justice Gerard Vincent La Forest

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Robert Alexander Leslie Macbeth

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The Honourable Chief Justice W. Kenneth Moore

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Donald Russell Stanley

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  Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, New Zealand, British Columbia, the Klondyke, United

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Margaret Weir Andrekson 

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  [E 165 T84 1832]

Thomas Benjamin Banks

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Barbara Anne Burrows 

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The Honorable Jean Chrétien

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The Honorable Neil Crawford

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Dr Allan Stuart Hay

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  [PT 2385 K4 A5 1904]

Ivan Leigh Head 

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  [PR 3388 C16 L776 folio no.1-17]

Stephen Arnold Jarislowsky

  Angelo, Valenti. Valenti Angelo; Author, Illustrator, Printer. San Francisco: Book

  Club of California, 1976. [PS 3501 N55 Z9 V162 1976 folio]

Shizu Kurimoto

  Hortus Sanitatis: De Herbis et Plantis, de Animalibus et Reptilibus, de Avibus et

  Volatilibus, de Piscibus et Natatilibus, de Lapidibus et in Terre Venis Nascentibus,

  de Urinis et Earum Speciebus, Tabula Medicinalis cum Directorio Generali per

  Onmes Tractatus. [Strassburg: Reinhard Beck], 1517. [QH 41 H823 1517 folio]

Dr Alfred Ernest Pallister

  Gregory, Edward David. Athabasca Landing: An Illustrated History. Athabasca,

  Alberta: Athabasca Historical Society, c1986. [FC 3699 A8 1986]

John Edward Poole

  Bunyan, John. The Holy War, Made by Shaddai upon Diabolus, for the Regaining of

  the Metropolis' of the World; or, the Losing and Taking Again of the Town of

  Mansoul. London: Printed for D. Newman, 1682. [PR 3329 H1 1682]

Peter Savaryn

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  Stamparia del Bonelli, 1576. [PQ 4664 T53 Z5 1576]

Dr Horst A. Schmid

  Cooper, James Fenimore. Ravensnest, or, the Redskins. London: R. Bentley, 1846.

  [PS 1417 R25 1846 v.1-3]

Phillip Vallentine Tobias 

  Cunard, Nancy, comp. Negro Anthology. London: Nancy Cunard at Wishart & co.,

  1934. [E 185.5 C97 1934 folio]

In partnership with the University Senate, librarians at Bruce Peel Special Collections began selecting books to celebrate honorary degree recipients in 1987 so that is where this record ends. Honorary Degrees have been awarded by the University of Alberta since its founding in 1908, and a complete list of recipients can be found on the Senate website here.

Honorary Degree Books 1987-99